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  • AutPlay Therapy

    AutPlay® Therapy, created by Dr. Robert Jason Grant, is an integrative, play-based family therapy approach to working with children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as well as other neurodevelopment disorders (such as ADHD, social anxiety, sensory differences) and physical disabilities. AutPlay Therapy addresses the core deficit areas found in children with ASD, such as emotional regulation, social interaction, play skills, and attachment and connection in relationships.

    Early detection of ASD is important. AutPlay Therapy intake sessions and screeners provide helpful information for parents in deciding to have their child assessed for ASD. AutPlay therapists then provide parents with the necessary referrals to doctors and psychologists for ASD assessments and diagnosis.

    There are typically three phases to AutPlay Therapy:

    1) Intake and Assessment Phase (Typically 1-4 Sessions)

    2) Structured Play Intervention Phase (Number of Sessions Based on Need)

    3) Termination Phase (Typically 3 Sessions)

    AutPlay Therapy also uses the Follow Me Approach (FMA). This is a child led, non-directive play therapy technique used to increase connection and meet relationship and attachment needs.

    A key component to AutPlay Therapy is parent involvement. AutPlay therapists not only work with the child in session, but also work with parents to teach them play therapy techniques used in therapy so they can be replicated at home between sessions to maximize their effectiveness.

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