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  • About

    Mission Statement

    WholeHeart Counseling Services, PLLC exists to improve the lives of individuals, children, adolescents and families through counseling and consulting services. Our mission is to serve clients by first providing a safe, supportive counseling relationship in which the necessary inner-healing work of the individual can take place. We recognize the uniqueness of each client and tailor treatment to meet those individual needs. WholeHeart honors the values, beliefs, and irrevocable dignity of every client. WholeHeart counselors partner with clients to define treatment goals and set the pace for therapeutic engagement and life changes. 

    Our Values


    Compassion means having a sympathetic awareness of others' distress combined with a desire to alleviate it. This is why we at WholeHeart believe a compassionate counselor is essential to a positive counseling experience. Your pain matters to us, therefore, we seek not only to understand but to come alongside you and aid you in healing.


    We seek to build your trust by serving you with integrity in all we do. We want every client to feel cared for, knowing their counselor operates with honesty and integrity.


    Connection with a safe, supportive therapist is critical to the counseling process. This connection provides a safe space where clients can do the hard work of therapy. We not only value a healthy therapeutic connection with our clients, but we strive to help our clients find healthy connections with their friends and family.  


    Every person has irrevocable value and worth. Our practice honors the dignity and worth of every client we see. We respect the values and beliefs of our clients and seek to understand rather than to be understood.

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